Don't allow Bend Parks and Recreation to circumvent environmental protections on the Upper Deschutes


The Upper Deschutes River is indisputably one of Central Oregon's gems. Residents of Oregon recognized the "outstandingly remarkable values" associated with the Upper Deschutes River in 1988 when they overwhelmingly voted in favor of designating the Upper Deschutes a State Scenic Waterway. BPRD intends to use a loophole in the State Scenic Waterway Act to circumvent protections on the Upper Deschutes and build a high-use pedestrian and bike trail, destroying riparian and critical Oregon spotted frog habitats. BPRD has consistently lied to and misled the public. Moreover, BPRD has made efforts to keep key stakeholders and members of the public out of the process. This rogue agency must be stopped.



Boundaries don’t protect rivers, people do.”
— Brad Arrowsmith, landowner along the Niobrara National Scenic River, Nebraska


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